About Astres d’Or

In 2022 Astres d’Or enters it’s 5th year of existence. We thank all our dear customers who have supported us during these early years. This is an exciting time for us. We hope the works inspire you. We’ll continue doing our best to  publish interesting music and great art and have great and secret plans for the future. Greetings! And speak soon.

Muziek en kunst galerie Astres d’Or is an Artist’ lead Platform and online Gallery for the promotion of Artist Records, erected in October 2017. Avant-garde Music and Visual Art combined as a Gesamtkunstwerk.

The Focus is on the Publication of Music and Poetry on Vinyl Records, combined with original Art from the Artist involved. Combining Visual Art by Musicians and Music by Visual Artists.

Astres d’Or believes Art should stay far away from Contemporary Society. That it should live as a Hermit far from People. Art should stay far from Modern Society’s Reasonings to preserve it’s own pure Nature.

De Wending ~ Raymond Dijkstra. Upcoming  5″ Vinyl Release on Astres d’Or. Artwork & Box Design by RD.

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