Photography & Artwork by Raymond Dijkstra.
Signed by the Artist
Edition of 25 ex.
Date of Release: 31 May 2018.

paNa pakShiNaaaM (Play of Birds)

I was in a Bus full with People… The Ceiling of the Bus was from an old victorian House… richely ornamented Stucco which was about to fall down upon us… Outside the Bus there was a Fairground Caroussel and Lots of playful Animals were running around… We were driving… I looked outside and marvelled at the fantastic old Jugendstil Architecture of Madrid… I was discussing this with the Woman next to me… Later we would walk Outside. I was hungry. We were standing in a Queue for a Restaurant. But the Woman with who I was was suddenly gone… Instead, T was standing there. Then, from one Moment to the Other, everyone else was gone, including T. So I went searching for them… I walked through the Parc…

I was in an unknown Building and speaking inaudibly… But for some Reason, everyone outside the Building could hear me… They all looked at me. There was something peculiar with the Window. At first it was on the 1st Floor, later it was on the Groundfloor. First there were Windows on all Sides, but later when it was on the Groundfloor, the Room was disconnected from the House, with People walking near by on the Pavement invading my Privacy…

I was still in a strange City, probably Madrid, in the Queue. A Neighbor passed by and gave a Coin to the Person behind the Counter and ordered a Coffee for me. Close to me there was a Man repairing a huge Clock about 10 Meters above the Ground. There were several giant Gongs but they didn’t make a full Sound because I had hung a Piece of Cloth over it. Suddely I realized I was the Man and looking below at the Ground. It was very high and I didn’t dare to climb down. A Woman was talking to me. She told me: “remember 2014” She was cursing the Year… I realized I had to leave the Past behind and stop dragging it with me. Climbing down suddenly became very easy. More even, I simply had to take one little Step and I was at the Ground. I took off all my Clothes, with the Water so close by for a Swim… There were already some People swimming in the small Pond and it was beautiful and nicely warm Weather… Birds were playing in the Water, playfully chasing eachother and throwing Water at eachother to make other Birds wet…


A paNa pakShiNaaaM (With Mark Alban Lotz)
B Play of Birds  22:09

Music composed by / All instruments by R Dijkstra. Except for Side A: Flutes by Mark Alban Lotz

Recorded, mixed, mastered and cut on Vinyl by Raymond Dijkstra at bhaavitaaH bhuutasthaH Studio, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2018.

Photography by R Dijkstra. Model / Performer: Mir

Raymond Dijkstra: https://www.raymonddijkstra.com
Mark Alban Lotz: http://www.lotzofmusic.com/lotz/

Many thanks to Mir and Mark for their superb performances…

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Raymond Dijkstra ~ paNa pakShiNaaaM

Artwork Description:
Each Record comes with 4 Printed Photo’s and a Nature’s Memory…