Original Artwork by Edward Ka-spel
Numbered edition of 40 ex.

Edward Ka-Spel (born Edward Francis Sharp, 23 January 1954 in London) is an English singer/songwriter and musician. He is best known for his work with the band The Legendary Pink Dots, which he co-founded in 1980.
He has a discography of over 80 solo-titles and 118 published works with The Legendary Pink Dots, apart from collaborations with the likes of Steven Stapleton, cEvin Key (of Skinny Puppy), Christoph Heemann, Jim O’Rourke and many others . His work spans a wide terrain from psychedelic underground popmusic to more serious electronic music, but always in a highly distinguishable style.

A Spoken Word Piece by Edward Ka-spel.


I looked in the mirror and saw healthy colour in my cheeks. Even the wrinkles seemed to be disappearing although those laugh lines stuck around for a while.
“It gets better,” they all said. And it did until the first problem appeared in the form of a letter from someone called Rosemary.
This Rosemary accused me of cheating her out of her precious possessions and threatened me with a lawyer.
I would have written her off as a lunatic if the handwriting hadn’t seemed so worryingly familiar. Rosemary….Rosemary….the name nagged me as the letters increased in number and ferocity. Then, one day, Rosemary turned up on the doorstep with suitcases, and scowled at me as she stormed upstairs before emptying her things all over my bed.
I just accepted it too. Wordlessly, like a puppy I moved downstairs and did my best to avoid her, though this became harder and harder as time passed.
Sometimes Jake and a rather beautiful young lady named Amber, who was apparently my daughter, would come to visit.
Jake would talk to me about compromise and communication while Amber tended to ignore me at first, preferring to talk to Rosemary upstairs.
The odd thing is that I began to connect to Rosemary after a while. Her anger seemed to subside, and I began to wish for a surprise meeting in the kitchen.

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Edward Ka-spel ~ On The Rebound

Artwork Description: Digitally designed Text-Collages by Edward Ka-spel

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