Original Artwork by Timo van Luijk
Numbered & signed edition of 25 ex.

Asra, La Poupée Délirante… is the epiphany of Asra, La Poupée Dilettante… while dreaming of existing as La Poupée Vivante… She has never really existed… Nor will she ever… Asra, she lives in a dream, undreamed by no-one. She is the all-forgotten… The non-sensical, incapable of being sensed. She lurks somewhere in lightness. Só light, it can’t be spotted. She radiates a beautiful smell, só nice, it can’t be smelled. That is, here, where you are… Where I am… I have never seen her… But I have met her… In a moment só intense, it can’t be remembered. A moment where I no longer was me. Where there were no memories and which moment could never be remembered. I have forgotten about her.

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Rayastre, Timo van Luijk

Artwork description:
Artwork on Covers by Timo van Luijk. Front: Black etchings. Back: handstamped letters.
Drawings on Vinyl Records by Rayastre. Some records contain normal handwriting without drawings.

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Asra, La Poupée Délirante… ~ La Poupée Délirante…
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