LP (180 Gram)
Original Artwork by Philip Sanderson
Numbered & signed edition of 25 ex.
Date of Publication: 31 March 2023

“The four pieces are loose meditations on the movement of bodies through the circular ticket hall and tunnels of Piccadilly Underground.” (PS)

Born in 1960, Philip Sanderson first began experimenting with reel-to-reel tape recorders and ‘circuit bent’ electronics in his teens. He completed his first cassette Dark Cuttings in 1977 and in 1978 formed the Snatch Tapes label releasing Snatch 1, the first outing for Claire Thomas & Susan Vezey, and Storm Bugs (a collaborative project with Steven Ball). 

1980 saw the release of Snatch 2 and the first Storm Bugs EP entitled Table Matters as well as the cassette release, Reprint by Claire Thomas & Susan Vezey, and A Safe Substitute by Storm Bugs. Both tapes featured the quirky British synthesizer the VCS3 as the main instrument. The following year 1981, Bright Waves by Thomas & Vezey was the opening track on the Cherry Red Perspectives And Distortion LP and a second Storm Bugs single was released on the French L’invitation au Suicide label. 

In the early 1980s Sanderson collaborated/played with David Jackman (of Organum), Orior, Alien Brains, and the Rupenus Brothers (TNB), as well as recording with the chanteuse Naomi. From this came two more tape releases in the shape of O North and Telephone Music. The second half of the 1980s saw Sanderson working on a range of experimental film projects including Green on the Horizon (made with Steven Ball), Hangway Turning, and Shadowman. The films were screened at festivals both in the UK and internationally including at the BFI and the Tate.

The involvement with film led to Sanderson working at the London Filmmakers Co-operative in the early 1990s before spending the rest of the decade creating kinetic sound and light installations, exhibited predominantly in alternative art venues in London. The installations were reviewed in publications such as Art Monthly and national newspapers.

In 1997 Sanderson bought his first Mac computer and began to record music again as well as re-mastering the Storm Bugs back catalogue. The early 2000s was marked by a string of re-issues of material on numerous labels including: Fusetron, Anomalous, Vinyl on Demand, Harbinger, and Die Stadt. These were well reviewed in the Wire music magazine and the Sound Projector and online sites.

Releases of new material followed including Seal Pool Sounds in 2006, the Hollow Gravity LP in 2012,Ice Yacht – Pole of Cold in 2015, and Certified Original and Vintage Fakes by Storm Bugs in 2017. The last five years have been particularly busy with new Ice Yacht (a Sanderson side project) and solo releases as well as the On One of These Bends LP that brought together soundtrack pieces recorded in the 1980s. 

More recently Sanderson has returned to his noise-sound roots with a number of new releases – a move inspired by his contribution of a track for Changez Retravaillé a 2CD set of re-workings of TNB’s Changez Les Blockeurs. In the pipeline for release are further collaborations with TNB and various new long-form noise-sound works such as this Dilly Dreamers. 

Philip Sanderson ~ Dilly Dreamers Excerpt 1
Philip Sanderson ~ Dilly Dreamers Excerpt 2
Philip Sanderson ~ Dilly Dreamers Excerpt 3

Artwork description: Color pencil on paper. Frottage of braille maps of the Piccadilly underground, London. With printed text instructions.

Braille maps of Piccadilly Underground

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LP (180 Gram)
Original Artwork by Bart de Paepe & Louise Landes Levi
Booklet by Louise Landes Levi
Numbered edition of 25 ex.
Date of Publication: 1 March 2023

Louise Landes Levi: voice, sarangi, flute
Sien Sonck: bowl
Jan D’hooghe: percussion, synth
Bart de Paepe: organ, guitar, synth, percussion

The text on Kerouac is marvelous. I feel like you approach him as a poet, and very few people understand or appreciate that side of him. Because to understand Kerouac as a poet, you have to let go of every conception you have about poetry. He represents the ‘original mind’ of the poem—its natural state.” (R. Foye)

Nada (excerpt)
Moonshine (excerpt)

Artwork Description: brown gatefold cover with photographs by Louise Landes Levi from her covid induced stay in Kyoto, Japan, 2020-2022. Handwritten text and adorned with dried ginkgo leaves by Bart de Paepe. All text on the inside of the gatefold cover is extracted from Kerouac’s “Mexican City Blues”.
Booklet with text by Louise Landes Levi as presented in spoken word and song, at Jack Kerouac 100 event, Ruigoord (Netherlands) 9-10-2022. Booklet design Bart de Paepe.

Front: photo and dried ginkgo leaves.
Inside: two b/w photos and handwritten text (each nr. has the same photos and text, but individually handwritten).
Back: text and photograph.