LP (180 Gram)
Original Artwork by Eugene Chadbourne
Numbered & signed edition of 25 ex.
Date of Publication: 7 April 2024

Price: 120 euro. Contact Astres d’Or for pre-sale

All artwork by Eugene Chadbourne
All music by Eugene Chadbourne

Eugene Chadbourne was born in Mt. Vernon, New York, USA in 1954. He grew up in Boulder, Colorado where he was exposed to an incredible range of music including locally based composers and performers such as avant garde composers Tod Dockstoder and George Crumb and guitarist Tommy Bolin. He began playing guitar in bands as a teenager, at first garage rock and then strongly influenced by Jimi Hendrix and the Mothers of Invention. He released his first album of solo guitar in 1977 and became a professional musician shortly thereafter. He performs and records an unparalleled range of styles–jazz, rock, country and western, classical from Bach to Messiaen–on guitar and banjo and as a vocalist.

Website Eugene Chadbourne


Catalogue d’oiseaux (Catalogue Of Birds) is Chadbourne’s personal and free interpretation of Messiaen’s work with the same title.

Four pieces are in this catalogue, composed and played on Banjo especially for Astres d’Or.

1 Le Chocard des Alpes (16:50)
2 L’Alouette Lulu (7:26)
3 La Chouette Hulotte (21:13)
4 La Bouscarle (4:17)

All music by Eugene Chadbourne, an Alpine Chough, a Woodlark, a Tawny Owl and Cetti’s Warbler, 2024

Eugene Chadbourne ~ Le Chocard des Alpes (excerpt)
Eugene Chadbourne ~ La Chouette Hulotte (excerpt)

Artwork description:
Beautiful and unique Folk Art paintings of birds, by Eugene Chadbourne.
Gouache on white cardboard (gatefold LP cover)



LP (180 Gram)
Original Artwork by Christian Wolff
Numbered & signed edition of 25 ex.
Date of Publication: 7 April 2024

Price: 120 euro. Contact Astres d’Or for sale

All artwork by Christian Wolff
All music composed by Christian Wolff
Performed by Trio Ton

Christian Wolff (1934) studied piano with Grete Sultan and, briefly, composition with John Cage. Mostly he is self-taught as a composer. He has also been active as an improviser, with, among others, Takehisa Kosugi, Christian Marclay, Ikue Mori, Eddie Prevost, Keith Rowe, and Steve Lacy. He was part of the so-called New York School (with Cage, Feldman, David Tudor and Earle Brown), and close to Frederic Rzewski and Cornelius Cardew. He was long active with Merce Cunningham and his dance company. His music currently some 270 items, is published by C. F. Peters and much of it is recorded on over 70 CDs. 

He has taught at Harvard, in Classics (Greek and Latin), and at Dartmouth, in the Classics, Comparative Literature and Music departments.

In 2022 Astres d’Or published Christian Wolff ~ A Complete Anthology Of Solo And Duo Violin Pieces, a 2LP with eight pieces for violin, among which are two unpublished pieces and one new piece especially written for the publication on Astres d’Or.
The same year Astres d’Or published Christian Wolff ~ Line Exercise / For Ordinary Affects. An LP consisting of two compositions for quintet by Christian Wolff with himself on piano and melodica.

We are honored now, to publish the world wide premiere of Trio XIII, a piece for trombone, double bass and snare drum. The piece is recorded in 2022 / 2023 by Trio Ton, on invitation by Astres d’Or and now published for the first time.


Performed by Ton
Matthias Muche – Trombone 
Constantin Herzog – Double bass 
Rie Watanabe – Snare drum

A publication by Astres d’Or 2024

Christian Wolff ~ Trio XIII, Face A (excerpt)
Christian Wolff ~ Trio XIII, Face B (excerpt)


Art description
Original drawings by Christian Wolff, in his own distinctive and personal style, which gives such a depth to his music. Crayon, gouache and pencil on paper.
White gatefold sleeve with title vignet on front. Inside is a transparent folded paper containing the drawing.