Astres d’Or

Astres d’Or is a Platform and online Gallery for the promotion of Artist Records, erected in October 2017. Music and Visual Art combined as a Gesamtkunstwerk.

The Focus is on the Publication of Music and Poetry on Vinyl Records, combined with original Art from the Artist involved. Combining Visual Art by Musicians and Music by Visual Artists.

Astres d’Or believes Art should stay far away from Contemporary Society. That it should live as a Hermit far from People. Art should stay far from Modern Society’s Reasonings to preserve it’s own pure Nature.

De Wending ~ Raymond Dijkstra. Upcoming  5″ Vinyl Release on Astres d’Or. Artwork & Box Design by RD.

Astres d’Or is issuing Artist Records in very limited Editions only. The Vinyl Records are each individually cut by hand on real vinyl leading to a much better quality than a normal pressed record.
Astres d’Or likes Music to be presented in the most personal Way, far from any Commercialism, but with a strong Emphasis on Music’s original Connection with Art…

Astres d’Or is a new Concept for the combined Publication of Music, Poetry and original Art, wherein financial Revenues are shared on a 50/50 Basis between Artist and Platform.

I’ve always wondered why there are so little original works sold in music. Editions of 1 or in a small series. The focus has always been on commercial releases in commercial numbers. Compare that to the visual arts where the artist sells his original work, and work in small series.

Astres d’Or feels music should be published in close connection to visual art, because we feel this is the most personal way to bring the music into the world.

We regard the artist-record as an artistically valuable artform. We feel many great art has been made in this field since half 20th century.

We want to show that creativity is without boundaries and are interested in hearing music of non-musicians and to see visual art by non-artists.

Whichever way one looks at it,  when releasing music in a physical form, one is automatically bound to a visual and tactile experience.
This experience mixes with the music contained in this form (CD, etc.). So why neglect the form as if it is not really that important. It will influence the perception of the music nonetheless and therefore it deserves attention of the musician/artist.

I am an advocate of total art. The artist record is a great example of a Gesamtkunstwerk, since several different sensory experiences come combined in one artform. Sound, vision, touch, smell and the ‘memory of the material’ all come together in the artist record. In this, the ‘memory of the material’ is one of the greatest ways a musician communicates with his audience. When the artist utilizes material to compile a work of art, it is mental energy directly transferred to material. The audience can sense this energy consciously or subconsciously by means of sight, touch, smell and other more profound sensory experiences. I strongly feel, all objects are alive and take in energy, memories, from events which happen to them.

There is a great difference between music issued in the regular standardized industrial, commercial form (hence the MP3, CD, LP in commercial volumes, etc.) and music issued in a personal form with original art of the musician in very small edition.
Astres d’Or offers artists the possibility to present their music in the most personal way possible and offers the audience a way to experience music and art in another way than the usual commercialized form.

Half of the actual edition goes directly to the artist. So you  are directly supporting the artist by buying the editions. The platform exists by the financial support of the interested music & art lover. We choose not to receive art-funding. When you like these kind of publications and decide to buy the works, you’re actively participating in creating a place where on a regular basis new interesting works of avantgarde artists are being published. In a sense, this is a very beautiful and personal way to create, publish and ultimately, enjoy the music and art.

There’s a strength in obscurity

The creative universe is one…

For those who find meaning in the words above, Astres d’Or will hopefully become a beautiful place to connect with music and art in it’s most personal form.

Raymond Dijkstra, 15 October 2017.


Astres d’Or only works on basis of Invitation. We don’t accept submissions.