Print by Bryan Lewis Saunders.
Signed by Bryan Lewis Saunders
Numbered edition of 50 ex.

One of my goals has always been to confront the human condition and become more engaged with my experiences. By experimenting with behaviors, environments and my senses I hope to simultaneously increase my sensitivity while expanding ideas about drawing, art and life. “The Blind Month Vinyls” document the 30 days I spent living in total darkness. I had drawn daily-self-portraits before while blindfolded, and with my eyes closed and in total darkness, but for this experiment I spent the entire month from January 6th to February 4th, 2018 totally blind. This record is an attempt to present fragments of what it was like for me. While I was blind I could no longer keep a written journal so all of my journaling had to be done on audio cassette tapes but as time went on and especially towards the end of the experiment a lot of the journaling turned into recording and documenting things that were happening in the moment instead of recording my reflections upon them. I began using the tape recorder to capture the moments as they happened instead of verbally describing them afterwards. The experience of being totally blind was a real challenge and yet it was one that I thoroughly enjoyed in part because I have such good friends. I really didn’t want this experiment to end. – Bryan L. Saunders

Special thanks to: Christopher Fleeger, Lisa Moss, Brant Withers, Aaron Kelly, Marcus Durham, Megan Christian, Zoë Dosher, Joey Salyer, Stacie Williams, Matt Volrath, Scott and Vivian and the entire Rader family, Russell Hughes, Becca Addison, Mahto Browder, Nicole Bailey, Liz Layton, Brad Ward, Zachary Jones, Tyler Cairnes, Patrik Dougherty, Ken Montgomery, and Rebecca Steele. Without you I would have suffered profoundly.

Side A:

Walking in the Woods (Unassisted)
Trip to the Mailbox
Note Taking / Journaling
Mid City Grill – Extrapolated
Car Ride
Echolocation Grunting
Pencil Tapping / Amplified Drawing
Mid City Grill – Interpolated
Walmart Walkthrough

Vocals and Voices, Christopher Fleeger and Elizabeth Messick (Mezzo-soprano) / Bryan L. Saunders, Lisa Moss, Aaron Kelly

Side B:

Replacing the Microwave Plate
At the Movies with Matt and Stacie
Brant Phone Call
Chattanooga Bathroom Walk
Eating Soup
Ass Washcloth
Roofers with Trumpet
Kalm Restaurant
Marcus and Meagan Read the Mail
Russell SIRI
Following Sarah
Snow Walk with Lisa
Stacie SIRI
Day Room Puzzles “Scratch Song”

Audio Recordings by Bryan L. Saunders

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Bryan Lewis Saunders ~ The Blind Month Vinyls

Artwork Description: One of a kind original archival Print made of the Drawings created by Bryan Lewis Saunders while totally blind.