LP (180 Gram)
Original Artwork by James Worse
Numbered & signed edition of 25 ex.
Date of Publication: 25 November 2023

Price: 120 euro. Contact:

James Worse is an autistic artist, writer and sound maker from the UK, currently based in Melbourne. He performs spoken word using a vocabulary of his own invention and improvises percussion with found objects, digital interfaces and sometimes traditional instruments.


Recorded at home in 1988, this was an early attempt to create a soothing, womb-like sensory environment for myself. I would use slide projections in a darkened room while tape loops played on several portable machines. The mixer fed directly back into itself causing my bass guitar signal to jitter and deteriorate as a detuned TV intermittently flared static.

hearing it now, I’m startled by how similar my intentions are today – I’m still using sound in a textural manner to regulate sensory overwhelm and to ultimately reach a peaceful state of calm. 

nobody had heard these recordings until I digitised them recently and I think that kid would have loved that his experiments had made it onto vinyl.

This record sings back to a younger self and to any other misfits who hid their truth because their faces didn’t fit.

Artwork Description
Letterpress prints of graphic forms and text on brown cardboard by James Worse