Gatefold Cover with Artwork by Ragnar Grippe.
Signed by Ragnar Grippe
Numbered edition of 25 ex.

Ragnar Grippe is a Swedish composer, born October 15, 1951 in Stockholm. He has studied at one of the first electronic music studio’s, the legendary GRM studio’s in Paris in the 1970’s and has worked in other early electronic studio’s where he has composed numerous pioneering works in the avantgarde / electronic domain. Besides his autonomous work he makes music for dance theatre, film and television.

Unpublished Work from the 80’s by Ragnar Grippe

Tamis was composed 1980 at the Electronic Music Studio EMS in Stockholm at its
original address Kungsgatan 8 in Stockholm.

The Buchla synthesizer and voice are the only sources to the composition.
EMS had at this time just recently installed a 24 track tape deck and mixing console which allowed the layering of many tracks on top of each other, This new method of work did also change the compositional process; here we can hear a more instrumental approach to the material than in earlier compositions by Grippe.

Choreography S U S AN BUIRGE

Her friend Philip Glass composed for her the music for En allant de l’ouest à l’est (1976). She then commissioned musics from Ragnar Grippe for Lapse (1978), Restes (1979), Tamis (1980) and Des Sites (1983); from Jean-Yves Bosseur for Charge Alaire (1982, presented at the Aix-Les Milles aerodrome); from Luc Ferrari for Les yeux de Mathieu (1984, a film for La Sept); from Steve Lacy and his sextet for Artémis (1988, Grande Halle de la Villette); from Marian S. Kouzan for Grand Exil (1990); from Patrick Marcland for Le jour d’avant(1999) and Le jour d’après (2000), and from Jean-François Laporte (L’œil de la forêt, 2002). She also collaborated with Tomihisa Hida for an adaptation of Gagaku music for the four pieces of Le Cycle des Saisons (1994 to 1998).

Louis Horst, composer who taught dance composition at the Juilliard School, had helped Susan Buirge to make the decision to leave Juilliard and to follow her desire to study with Nikolais by saying, “Do what you have to do and everything will fall into place.”

R A G N A R G R I P P E lives in Stockholm Sweden and lived in Paris between 1972 and 1994.

Works in electronic music, chamber music, instrumental music and film music besides his many collaborations with choreographers.

The interesting part is that Grippe’s electronic music has to a great extent dealt with virtual acoustics in the electronic music, something which was in Buirge’s choreography defined as space, time, shape and motion.

“All pieces we collaborated on were based on a mutual understanding for each other’s work, where the liberty given to me as a composer was essential for the completion of the collaboration.” (Ragnar Grippe)

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‘Human beings have a basic need to build , in the same way as birds build nests.
Contemporary dance responds to this need’
Susan Buirge in interview

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Gatefold Cover with Painting by Ragnar Grippe. Signed by Ragnar Grippe. More Pictures follow