Onesided LP
Original Paintings by Leigh Barbier
Numbered edition of 25 ex.

The Residents are an American art collective, active since end 1960’s. Between 1973 and now the group has issued around 140 titles. The group has in their 50 years existence never disclosed their true identities, which has lead to much speculation. Their style of music is perhaps best described as avantgarde rock with a high sense for experiment and a love for the strange. They were pioneers in including art, poetry, theatre performance and music in a truly original form.

A Spoken Word Piece by The Residents.


A Fable of Love and Loss
by The Residents

Sweet like the smell of honeysuckle in the summer sun… sweet like the taste of rock candy crushed between the teeth… sweet like the touch of a baby’s skin beneath your fingertips. Yes, the Archer’s life was sweet. Never was the aim of his arrow more true, his sense of direction more succinct, his adoration more complete, but… something was missing. An empty spot existing just outside his line of sight, unspoken, intangible and roaming the edges of his essence. Like an itch that wasn’t there, with no specific connection to his otherwise well ordered life, it lingered… always present but never quite real.

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The Residents ~ The Healer And The Archer

Artwork Description: Two Tableau’s, consisting of a Painting and a Collage. Tableau 1: Acrylic Paint on Cardboard. Tableau 2: Acrylic Paint, Stamps, Stickers, Collage on Cardboard. Size: 31,5-31,5 CM. Back of Tableau 1: Numbered and dated. Signed on Front Tableau 1: LB. (Leigh Barbier)

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