Original Artwork by Limpe Fuchs.
Numbered edition of 25 ex.
Date of Release: 8 March 2018

Music: “Walker Street 55”
Live Recording at Blank Forms, hosted by Artists Space, New York City
12 October 2017
Recording Gus Callaham

Mixed Media

Limpe Fuchs is a Musician and visual Artist active for over 50 Years.
She’s been Part of the legendary Avant Garde / Krautrock group Anima Sound / Anima with her then husband Paul Fuchs. Limpe Fuchs is currently still very active in giving concerts and in making her own instruments which she uses in her concerts. She’s been creating visual artworks for many years, but she has only very rarely came into public with this work.

Read an Interview with Limpe Fuchs by Brandon Hocura: Polyphasic Recordings

Documentary of Anima Sound: Play Loud

A Walker Street 55, Part I
B Walker Street 55, Part II


Walker Street 55 Part I Excerpt

Walker Street 55 Part II Excerpt


Limpe Fuchs ~Walker Street 55
Sold out  
Walker Street 55 LP  Original Artwork by
Limpe Fuchs


(May still be available directly at the Artist. Contact Des Astres d’Or for Information)


Artwork Description: A free bricollage made by Limpe Fuchs, of hand drawings and cut out historical material. Among others, original posters of 1966 Anima Sound Live performances from the archive of Limpe Fuchs. Each cover contains handpainting on the back of the covers (not shown here)