Some information about Astres d’Or…

AD is not the usual music-label, so don’t expect it to operate like it.

We don’t like the openness internet provides. We see a value in obscurity. We see a value in quality which needs no introduction nor stilted hollow exclamations. Don’t expect advertisements, marketing or announcements in your favorite musicmag months before the actual date of publication. We may never announce a work (not even a newsletter) but only publish it’s existence on our website. We don’t see it as our goal to cater the public. Call us romantics, but we do believe in the value of something which you find by chance. Like a beautiful stone in nature which you found by chance instead of being made aware of it’s existence by signposting. Maybe we’re too much artists in the first place instead of businesspeople.
And oh yeah, don’t expect merchandise bullshit like t-shirts, stickers or worse, buttons…

We don’t have social media
Pre-sale is possible