Hand Cut Vinyl Records

The Vinyl Records issued by Des Astres d’Or are guaranteed of Hi-Fi Quality with the same Sound Characteristics and Durability / Life Span as a normal Pressed Record. The Records are made of real Vinyl and each individually cut by Hand and visually checked.  Because of this, you can expect the same Quality, or higher, as normal pressed Records.

Why is the above mentioned on this Site?
Lathe Cut Records are generally associated with Lo-Fi Quality. Records with lots of extra Noise, in mono and playable only for a few Times because of the Wear of the Material. Those Records are made of inferior Plastics and made on old mono Machines from Decades ago. The Bulk of Lathe Cuts are unfortunately Lo-Fi. Because of this, Des Astres d’Or feels it’s necessary to mention the Records it issues are of HI-Fi Qualty and don’t have Anything in common with the average Lo-Fi Lathes.

Let’s not forget that every normal pressed Record originates from a single hand cut Record from which it is multipied… These hand cut Records are made on high End Equipment, like those on Des Astres d’Or.

Des Astres d’Or has it’s own indoor Analog Studio (bhaavitaaH bhuutasthaH) which is equiped for High End Recording, Mixing and Mastering Music and Cutting Records.  Together with the Part of Des Astres d’Or which functions as a Music / Art Publisher, Des Astres d’Or holds the entire Route from making Music to Publishing, in it’s own Hands and is therefor Artistically and Economically Free. <3 DIY <3