LP (180 Gram)
Original Artwork by Rayastre
Numbered & signed edition of 5 ex.
Date of Publication: August 1, 2023

Para Brahma the formless, the imageless, the soundless. I was dissolved into nothingness. My first awareness of self was that I was moving forward fast, being a small particle in a rushing all pervading energy, where each moment lasted an eternity…

Rayastre (1968, Netherlands) is a Dutch / Indonesian artist working in visual arts for 35 years. He is a collage and assemblage artist with experience in other media like drawing, painting, sculpture. As a musician (working under his name Raymond Dijkstra) he has published over 130 solo music titles, many of them in limited edition and coming with handmade original art. 

Para Brahma is a depiction of his experience with Bufo Alvarius, a strong entheogen which has permanently altered his perception and created a powerful spiritual connection.  


Artwork description: Red velvet hardcover box with collage of dried leaves, iron ornaments and debossed gold stamp.

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