Original Artwork by Raymond Dijkstra
Numbered & signed edition of 2 ex.
Date of Release: July 04, 2020

De Merel. 14 Expressionist Music Pieces by Raymond Dijkstra

Raymond Dijkstra is a musician/visual artist active since 1987 in experimental music, sculpture, painting, photography, collage and drawing. Founding member of Asra, La Poupée Vivante (with Timo van Luijk), Wendingen 1918 (with Bart de Paepe). He has collaborated with Frédérique Bruyas, Jon Mueller, The New Blockaders among others. RD is an autodidact who believes strongly art should be derived from worldly experiences and can’t be learned at school. The basis of the art lies in non knowledge, from which roads are chosen and lessons learned. Teachings came from life, loneliness, alienation, drug-experiences, self-exploration, dreams and psychedelic medicines like psilocybin and Bufo Alvarius… Dijkstra has a discography of approximately 150 titles. His work shows a high degree of DIY in the sense that he has taught himself music ‘along the way’ while opening new doors within himself and has distributed his music mostly through self-raised music and art publishing platforms like Le Souffleur (2003-current) and Astres d’Or (2017-current). “An artist should be independent- from the making of art to the freeing of the work to the public.” The vinyl-records of this publication are hand-cut by RD himself.
As a visual artist, Dijkstra works in the field of painting, drawing, photography, collage, sculpture and objects. He currently works under the name Rayastre for his visual work as well for some of his audiowork.
Visual work: Rayastre
Audio work: Le Souffleur

Artwork description: Black thread on Black Cardboard
Artwork on Covers by Raymond Dijkstra