Original Artwork by Wendingen 1918
Numbered edition of 40 ex.
Date of Release: 22 November 2018

Bart de Paepe
Raymond Dijkstra
Frédérique Bruyas : Voice


“Little by little, the mass turned like a slimy and forceful nausea, a kind of immense influx of vegetable and thundering blood. And the small fibers trembling at the edge of my mental eye, broke off with a vertiginous speed of the tense mass of the wind. And all the space trembled like a sex organ which the globe of the burning sky was battering.”

Raymond Dijkstra is an autodidact Artist from Indonesian / Dutch / English / Belgian / Portuguese descent. He has developed a highly personal acoustic-experimental and expressionist style, using his body as a tool for ‘automatic writing’. His explorations in this area are carefully documented by his own imprint Le Souffleur, especially in the series “Catalogue du Bruit”. Since about 2009 he also started working on a different, more ‘musical’ type of music, hereby incorporating electronic sources and a more eleborate use of effects. Since 2003 he’s been combining most of his limited publications with original exclusive handmade artworks of himself.

Bart de Paepe is a Belgian Musician and Artist who has worked in many diverse directions, leading to an eclectic array of experimental and underground escavations of his innerworld. His solo music is portrayed by a compact electronic, yet psychedelic style. He’s the Art Direcor for the labels Sloow Tapes and Sloowax and has collaborated with Louise Landes Levi, Timo van Luijk and members of Embryo.

Frédérique Bruyas is a Native French Reciter of (mainly) French Literature. Approaching the texts almost as an actor, she’s showcasing her superb sensitivity for atmosphere and her excellent ability to translate written word in spoken word with great respect to the original texts. The texts used on “Tremblaient à la lisière de mon œil mental” are part of L’Ombilic des Limbes by Antonin Artaud, a text written in 1918 during his stay in a mental asylum and published only a decade later.

Wendingen 1918 is dedicated to the Dutch Architectural Magazine ‘Wendingen’ from 1918 and the Work and Life of Antonin Artaud.

Artwork Description:
Cover tied with rope; Innercover with wooden Dowel (Design RD)
Original Artwork by BdP, RD


  Coverdesign & Artwork by RD

  Artwork Bart de Paepe

Face A

Les sous-vêtements de l’irréel

Face B

Tremblaient à la lisière de mon œil mental


Excerpt from ‘Les sous-vêtements de l’irréel’:

Excerpt from ‘Tremblaient à la lisière de mon œil mental’:

Muzikë Muusika
LP Original Artwork by Wendingen 1918 SOLD OUT